Jobs and Internships

Our lab has funded openings for students and postdocs of all levels – undergraduate, graduate (M.Sc. and PhD), junior or senior postdocs, with a background in biology, physics, engineering, or chemistry, who are interested to work on the physical biology of bacterial cell shape and growth.

Our lab is supervising students enrolled (or considering to be enrolled) in the Departments of Microbiology, Infection and Immunity, the Department of Physics, and the Institut de génie biomédical.

  • Internships for Undergraduate Students in Physics or Biology
    We are open to students of all levels, who bring an interest in quantitative approaches. Prior experience with bacteria, microscopy, or coding is not required but a plus. The student will conduct her/his own experiments as part of an ongoing research project in the lab (for an incomplete list see here) or develop an independent project. Please contact Sven for currently available projects.
  • Master and PhD projects for students with a background in Biology or Physics
    We are seeking students with a background in physics, engineering, chemistry, or biology that bring a keen interest in quantitative interdisciplinary approaches. Experience in computational analysis, microscopy, cloning/synthetic biology, microfluidics, or instrumentation, is a plus. For an incomplete list of potential topics see here.
  • Postdoctoral position in advanced quantitative microscopy, microfluidics, and cell-envelope biology
    We are searching for a candidate trained in physics, engineering, or biology, who are interested to work on understanding bacterial organization, including single-cell growth, cell shape and size, turgor pressure, nucleoid organization, and macromolecular crowding. Experience in microscopy, microfluidics, or (bacterial) cell biology is a strong plus.

For applications, please send by email (in English) a motivation letter and CV to sven[dot]vanteeffelen[at]umontreal[dot]ca.

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