BactoMontréal III

Montreal Bacteriology Meeting
Symposium de bactériologie à Montréal

Friday January 20, 2023

INRS—Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie (Laval)

Talks begin at 9:05 am, 10:10 am, and 12:50 pm in Building #18, Pasteur Hall (Salle Pasteur)

Poster-and-Pizza session begins at 11:10 am in the Building #18 Atrium & Hallway

Registration:  here 

Organizers: Salim T. Islam (, Frédéric Veyrier (


8:30-9:00Arrival & Coffee (Poster Setup Optional) (30 min), Bldg. #18 Atrium
9:00-9:05Welcome (5 min), Bldg. #18 Pasteur Hall
9:05-9:25Talk 1 — Abdelkader Mellouk (Calmettes lab, INRS-AFSB)
TAM complex and outer-membrane biogenesis
9:25-9:45Talk 2 — Emma Mulholland (Brun lab, UdeM)
Investigating the outer membrane through microscopy-based profiling
9:45-10:10Coffee & Cookies & “Biobreak” (25 min), Bldg. #18 Atrium
10:10-10:30Talk 3 — Arnold Alexandre (Marcotte lab, UQAM)
Interaction of antimicrobials with bacterial membranes by in vivo solid-state NMR
10:30-10:50Talk 4 — Annabelle Mathieu-Denoncourt (Duperthuy lab, UdeM)
Polymyxin B in the aquatic environment: a proteomic, transcriptomic, and phenotypic study in Vibrio cholerae
10:50-11:10Talk 5 — Lindsay Burns (Gruenheid lab, McGill)
The bacterial virulence factor NleA undergoes host-mediated O-linked glycosylation
11:10-12:00Posters & Pizza (50 min, Odd-numbered posters), Bldg.#18 Atrium & hallway
12:00-12:50Posters & Pizza (50 min, Even-numbered posters), Bldg.#18 Atrium & hallway
12:50-13:10Talk 6 — Mylene Trottier (Déziel lab, INRS-AFSB)
Diversity of quorum sensing systems in clinical strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from chronic and acute human infections
13:10-13:30Talk 7 — Eszter Farkas (Nguyen lab, McGill)
Production of antimicrobials by Canadian High Arctic bacteria
13:30-13:40Closing Remarks, and “Antimicrobial Resistance Network” announcement by Prof. Dao Nguyen (10 min), Bldg. #18 Atrium
13:40-14:30Networking with cider/wine and galette des rois (50 min), Bldg. #18 Atrium


  1. The main entrance to INRS—Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie is located at 531 boulevard des Prairies, Laval H7V 1B7.
  2. To access campus via public transit, take the #20 bus (towards Chomedey) from Cartier metro station. Get off of the bus at the “Des Prairies/Armand-Frappier” stop. Otherwise, take the #24 bus (towards St. Dorothée) from Cartier metro station, and get off at the “Cartier/Micro” stop; then walk south on Avenue Micro (careful, there is no sidewalk!), then turn right onto Boul. des Prairies to reach the main gate. (You cannot access campus via Boulevard Cartier Ouest unless you have keycard authorization).
  3. Main entrance for Building #18. All BactoMontréal III activities will be taking place in Building #18.
  4. Parking spaces for those arriving by car/van/horse-drawn carriage. If driving, you must first enter campus via the main gate (531 boul. des Prairies). Park anywhere behind Building #18, then walk around to the main entrance.

The Atrium and Pasteur Hall are located on the ground floor of Building #18.

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